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Philips Integrates Two Light Sources in Hue Beyond

With the IFA coming up in Germany, many LED manufacturers have announced plans of introducing new products at the show. Epistar and FOREPI concluded shareholder meetings successfully, but no details about future business or management deals have surfaced yet. A couple of interesting applications have developed in the LED industry this week, U.S. navy ships are a niche market that holds huge potential for manufacturers that acquire tenders. Intel’s new luxury smart watch MICA will come equipped with sapphire screen, while Japanese researchers are now using LED lighting system to prevent illegal recordings with smart devices. For more please see below:

Philips Hue Beyond has two light sources, an uplight and a downlight, that are both controllable separately via the Hue app using a smartphone or tablet. With Philips Hue Beyond you have the flexibility to create light that works for you; imagine having a relaxing evening ambience in your bedroom from colored light, whilst also having the perfect white light to read tuned to your ideal color temperature. The elegant table light is ideal for a home office, the pendant light is well placed above a dining table and the ceiling light is perfect for a living room – a space that gets used in many different ways throughout the day.

“Most spaces in a home these days are multifunctional and therefore they need to be flexible to adapt to what is needed - this is where lighting can really make a big difference,” comments Leonardo Avezzano, Consumer Marketing Director Hue luminaires. “With Hue Beyond, a kitchen table can go from a place to enjoy dinner with the family to a place children can do their homework without affecting the ambience of the room, but with the added benefit of keeping you connected to the world around you.”

With its connectivity features, Philips Hue Beyond can discreetly alert you to a new email or change in weather via a gentle ‘light notification,’ just like Philips Hue. It also has its own intuitive interface within the Hue app to control its unique features. Select from a range of dynamic new scenes which take advantage of the two unique light sources such as ‘Paris by night’ for romance or ‘Cherry Blossom’ to wind down.

Philips Hue Beyond works seamlessly with all Philips Hue and Friends of Hue products, which makes it easy to add to an existing Hue network, allowing you to blend soft smooth tones across your home. Whether adding Hue Beyond to an existing or new network, the set-up is easy – just make sure the smart bridge is connected to your wireless network, then simply download the app to your smart device, plug in, and switch on.

Philips Hue Beyond is available as a table light, ceiling light and pendant light in Europe and North America from September 2014.

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