Product Detail
LED Flood light 
LED Flood light
Series : EGW

Product feature:

1、High Quality LED illuminants provide high Lumen and even light distribution, Healthy as no radiation.

2、Great heat dissipation with high thermal conductibility aluminum heat sink body.

3、Sealed design, the respirator could ensure the internal and external air pressure.

4、Design based on details, customer could do adjustment precisely.

5、Coating process added for the housing, corrosion-resistant .

6、Strict in photoelectric design to achieve precise light spotting into the corner.

7、Options for the base and lens.

8、Constant power drive provide stable working in different environment.

9、MX 512 Control for both standalone and online operation.

Main Application:

Widely applied to the stage, Landscape lighting, architectural light and etc.

Light distribution curve:

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